Bart Och - Travel Journalist
Delicious, healthy vegan food bowl at Benji's restaurant in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Photo: Benji’s / Amsterdam, Netherlands / December 2021 / Apple iPhone 6s

I miss Asia, primarily and not in that exact order: the nature, the weather, the people, and the food. I have been thinking a lot about where I would be right now if it wasn’t for the pandemic. I don’t think I would be here in cold and wet Amsterdam, which, by all means, is an amazing city – much nicer in the Summer. I doubt I would be anywhere near Europe, to be honest. I would probably still be in Asia.

Well, since I am here, and I can’t be elsewhere, I make the most of my time in Europe. I look for those little pockets of heaven that make any country, any city, any weather, and any time that much more memorable, and bearable when I wish I was soaking up the sun on a sandy beach in Thailand or walking around cascading rice paddies in Bali.

Some man once said, “you can’t live city rules if you live in a jungle.” But can you live by the jungle rules if you live in a city? Maybe so. Benji’s restaurant not only looks like a lush green tropical forest, it also has really excellent service and yummy food.


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