Bart Och - Travel Journalist
Sitting on the windowsill at home in Amsterdam, Netherlands with Lagertha, the white cat.
Photo: Amsterdam, Netherlands / December 2021 / iPhone SE 1

I decided to spend about a month in Amsterdam. Recently, the Netherlands has announced a strict lockdown over Christmas amid concerns over the Omicron coronavirus variant. Non-essential public venues will be closed until at least mid-January. This isn’t the first time I am in town, so I am taking the opportunity to get some seriously long-overdue work done, meditate, finish midway-abandoned books, and drink lots of tea.

Lagertha, the cat, has finally opened up to me and is currently working very hard to keep my feet warm. She was quite hard to make friends with, and she still nibbles on me from time to time when she sees fit. She claimed the kitchen windowsill, which is right above the heater. This windowsill has become my favourite spot, too. Perhaps I was a cat in my previous life.

Amsterdam truly is a city of cats. No matter which canal you stroll by, there is always a furry face watching from a nearby window, rooftop, or houseboat. Why are cats so popular in Amsterdam? Amsterdam and cats go together as the city is full of water; many old buildings are prone to mice issues. Having a cuddly companion comes in quite handy.

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