Bart Och - Travel Journalist


• I travel, take photos, and write.
• I was born in 1986 in Katowice, Poland.
• I lived, worked, and studied in London, England.
• I have lived out of a backpack and travelled the world since 2017.
• I am the founder and editor of DEFUZE magazine.
• I study Magazine Journalism at the College of Media and Publishing.
• I am certified in Creative Writing by Wesleyan University.
• I am certified in Academic Writing by UC Irvine.
• I am certified in Digital Photography by Harvard University.
• I am certified in English for Journalism by the University of Pennsylvania.


• Email:
• Facebook: lovagabondo
• Twitter: @lovagabondo
• Instagram: @lovagabondo


If you wish to publish any of my photos or written stories from this site or my social media accounts, please always credit me and don’t manipulate any of my work unless I give you written permission to do so.