current location: Poland


I love to meet new people and embrace new, fun opportunities. If you think that we can collaborate on a project or explore new, uncharted places, let’s grab a drink and talk! Simply drop me a line or two at, and I will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible/as soon as I find a free WiFi spot.


If you are a brand and would like me to review, photograph, and write about your products, also write to me at I am especially interested in eco-friendly and ultralight outdoor gear and clothing. Please note that I am not interested in any products that are absolutely unrelated to the nature of my work, anything containing leather or other animal parts, and beauty stuff (because I am a beast … and because I have no space in my tiny pack).


If you are starting your affair with photography and find yourself struggling with this wonderful but often very complex subject, I can help you understand your camera and show you how I take and edit my photos. Drop me a line at I hold a certificate in Digital Photography from Harvard University as well as successfully completed an extensive photography course at the Michigan State University. Currently, I am also studying Magazine Journalism at the College of Media and Publishing and I have been an editor at DEFUZE magazine for the past 8 years to date.