current location: Poland

“You are unlimited.” – Yogi tea tag.

Born in 1986 in Katowice, Poland.

For years I’ve been vagabond­ing around the most remote places in Europe—sleep­ing on the ground, med­i­tat­ing on moun­tain­tops, and hiking up every obscure, back-of-beyond trail I could find. By the time I started writ­ing epic, 17-page-long stories about my adven­tures in my old-school paper journal, I knew the world was my back­yard. With­out real­is­ing it, I was lay­ing the ground­work for my future.

In 2011 I found DEFUZE magazine, a collaborative, quarterly art and fashion photography publication featuring young talent alongside established professionals. Having studied printing and preparation process in college, I felt like I was finally putting my skills and knowledge to the test. I have always enjoyed the creative process of playing with words and images, and I had always wanted to run a successful magazine.

My interest in fashion had somewhat faded away when I realised that it’s not manufactured clothes and pretty faces that I love and care about, but people, places, and real-life situations. That, eventually, led me to journalism, which I am currently studying at the College of Media and Publishing, reportage photography, and documentary filmmaking.

In 2014 I packed my backpack to the gills and virtually carried my home away with me. I flew to Iceland where for two weeks I walked for over 150 miles. I wild-camped and deliberately subjected myself to almost absolute solitude so that I was able to reconnect with the true purpose of my life. That purpose, I quickly realised, was travelling.

So while I am still exploring the world, searching for Crusoe and happiness, I am currently studying Magazine Journalism at the College of Media and Publishing.
I also studied Animal Behaviour and Welfare at The University of Edinburgh. Additionally, I got a Writing Specialization Certificate in Academic English from The University of California as well as a certificate in Digital Photography from Harvard University.