Bart Och - Travel Journalist


• Born in 1986 in Katowice, Poland.
• Moved to London at the age of 19.
• Founder and editor of DEFUZE magazine.
• Currently, living out of a backpack and travelling the world.
• Studies Magazine Journalism at the College of Media and Publishing.
• Certified in Creative Writing by Wesleyan University.
• Certified in Academic Writing by UC Irvine.
• Certified in Digital Photography by Harvard University.
• Certified in English for Journalism by the University of Pennsylvania.
• Speaks English, Polish and basic Spanish.


“I never promised the universe that I’d be a great writer! I just promised the universe that I’d be a writer!” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Many people think – some feel the need to tell me – that I’m delirious or that I’m running away from responsibilities and adulthood. But I travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape me. I don’t think I could be happy doing anything else – it’s my vocation and my passion.

I came to this understanding in India where I spent countless hours talking to my host about my travels as he listened transfixed, enchanted. I realised that not everyone gets the same chances and opportunities in life, though we often have the same desires and aspirations. I realised, also, that through my stories and my photos, other people can get to see the world that I fell in love with.

I believe firmly that journalism is incredibly important not only for the sake of preserving the memory of today but in the shaping of our future. I want to show all the people that there is beauty in sorrow but there are also real hardships and catastrophes around us happening as we go about our daily lives unscathed.

The significance of journalism is undeniable – people are visual creatures with a very short attention span. So to be able to communicate something that I feel is important, I’m compelled to write stories and shoot images that people are likely to stop at and explore further for themselves.

Travel isn’t just about beautiful people enjoying exotic places and drinking coconut water on a beach. It’s about the exploration of the society, immersion in a culture, adventure and coming face to face with poverty, tragedies and, sometimes, finding beauty in the ugly.