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So why am I vegan? I get asked this question a lot. Although it’s not obvious that I am vegan, and it certainly isn’t displayed upon my face, my dietary choices continue to interest, fascinate, and sometimes even offend other people. And I get that. Statistically, vegans are a minority of the human population, and it can make other people who suffice with typical omnivorous diet a bit curious, threatened, or uneasy.

But the fact remains that veganism is becoming widely popular and the word itself is rarely being unheard of anymore. It’s worth pointing out before I get to the core of my thought that I haven’t always been vegan; I spent the majority of my life eating meat and animal products. I used to love meat, and still, the look or smell of it does not repulse me. Continue reading ›

How can you believe in science and also be a religious person? Scientists are only supposed to believe in observable, quantifiable things that they can physically have proof of. Isn’t being religious fundamentally in opposition to everything that being a scientist is about? These are good questions.

I’m a thoughtful person, I’m a sceptical person, and I’m not a person who believes blindly in anything. So, how is it that I believe in God and what does that believe look like? Well, maybe it’s easier to start with what I don’t believe God is.
I don’t believe God is an old man with a beard in the sky who grants you magic wishes if you recite the right words or feel guilty enough. I don’t believe that God can grant you a parking space if you pray hard enough. And I don’t believe that God has set up some code of behaviour and if I don’t live by it, I won’t be granted my place in Heaven among the angels. Continue reading ›